Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I love driving.

I love driving. Since moving to Oregon from Austin, Texas in 2004, I've made it a habit to try to get lost on the weekends with a little thing I call, "free range driving" with my wife. After almost 13 years, it's getting a little harder to get lost.

In April of this year, a friend of mine who owns a taxi company asked me if I wanted to drive a taxi part time. I needed the work and he needed a driver. Since I love driving anyway, I figured it would be a perfect fit. Low and behold, it was.

Before I started driving the taxi, I had visions of getting robbed or even worse, getting my throat slit by a psycho passenger sitting behind me. Thankfully that scenario hasn't even come close to happening. In fact, I have been incredibly fascinated by the assortment of people that I have met and spoken with in the fifteen or so minutes that I spend with them on the way to their destination. When I began posting some of these encounters on Facebook, some of my friends said, "you should write a book." Well, maybe I'll do that someday. For now I thought I might try a blog about it.

So, here it is. I hope you enjoy these short stories about some folks I've encountered along the way either in my taxi or somewhere else in my travels through life.


  1. I have enjoyed your taxi stories you have put on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing more stories.

    1. Thanks, Doc...I appreciate you taking the time to read them!

  2. Looking forward to reading more of your enterraining encounters!